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'Personal' A/C unit on a fan.

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Not as much an idea as a need.

In many cases one wishes to have an A/C unit on a fan because at temperatures of 35 deg C  ( 90 deg F) the air blown by the fan is WORM. If a 150 W  A/C unit is used, it can cool about 95 CFM, 15 deg  F (8 deg C) economically. This is fine because air blown continuously at lower temperature i.e. 25 deg C  (77 F) is too cool, and about 100 CFM is enough for personal comfort at about 27 deg C 
There is a need, in my opinion, for warehouses, porches even in the house due to economic considerations.


Also an other incarnation of personal, and not only, comfort unit, would have been one that sprays a fine mist of water. Pumping requirement must be about 150 psig with the water sprayed to be about half the amount sprayed in homes by air refreshers.  

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