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Turbo charger is not a single component it is a Assemble.

It has 7 major parts and 60 - 70 child parts.

Please take a overview of the main parts of turbocharger and learns  the functions, purpose, manufacturing methods and also types of Turbo charger.

Then please take the over view of Design process of Turbocharger parts

I am Kabilan Kamaraj. Working in Engineering Design team as an R&D Engineer in Turbo Energy Pvt ltd, Chennai (TVS group of companies).

what ever the clarifications regarding Turbo charger you can contact me at any time.

Mail id : kabilmech66@gmail.com

ph no : +918270731631

Thank you.

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The broadly there are two type of engines viz. petrol engine (SI Spark Ignition) and diesel engine (CI Compression Ignition).

Petrol has higher ignition temperature and diesel has lower. Hence petrol uses Spark plug and diesel doesn't. 

Technically, to increase the thermal efficiency and volumetric efficiency, turbo charger is used. 
The turbo charger include two main parts, compressor and turbine. 
It is fitted before before the intake manifold. 
Atmospheric air enters into the compressor. It's temperature and pressure increases and then it enters into intake manifold and then combustion chamber.

The turbocharger is powered either by kinetic energy of exhaust gases or by electric motor. 
The image shows the power stroke and exhaust stroke. 

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