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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Boring of automobile parts

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Boring is based on the rotary motion of boring cutter as the main movement, and the cutting hole of the workpiece is expanded. In the expanding processing of auto parts holes, boring occupies a large proportion. Boring can be carried out in combination boring machine, Jin Gang boring machine and milling and boring machining center.

Boring on combined boring machine is based on the combination of boring machine and boring machine tool spindle can be divided into rigid spindle boring and floating guide boring.

Fine boring is a method of boring with high cutting speed and small feed rate by using diamond or cemented carbide boring cutter with proper geometric angle and careful grinding.

At present, cemented carbide, synthetic diamond CBN, ceramics and other superhard materials are widely used for small boring and boring tools.

Fine boring has high cutting speed, small back feed and feed, and high machining quality.

Fine boring is very sensitive to vibration. When a machine tool with heavy load is working nearby, vibration will be transmitted through the ground to increase the roughness of the machined surface. When boring, the boring bar is suspended and the rigidity is poor. In order to reduce vibration, the vibration eliminating boring bar is often used.


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So, what is your point? Is this written to inform, to ask a question, or for just what purpose?


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