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Car body rubber parts classifications

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Chongqing Feilong Jiangli tells you that the average car has more than 100 rubber parts, 200 to 500, and the rubber consumption can reach 60 kg. Automobile accessories for rubber products account for about 6% of total vehicle cost. Rubber fittings for automobiles, except tires, are small fittings, but they are all installed in key parts, such as automotive engines, gearboxes, axles and other parts of the oil seal are used, but rubber seal is the key to ensure the normal operation of these parts, for the safety of automobiles, durable use and maintenance So, rubber parts can be called "functional cells" of automobiles.

1. Hose type

1) use for engine

Fuel hose: made of fluoroadhesive or Chloroether rubber.

Injection control tube: made of acrylic rubber or nitrile rubber.

Air duct: made of TPO or acrylic rubber.

Water supply hose: three yuan ethylene propylene rubber manufacturing


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