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Gabriel Menoncin Kracker



Hi there, I'm new here! I would like to know what are the forces involved in a Multipulley belt system like the one in the Picture 1? We well know the ones involved in a 2 pulley system, but in this case I don't think it is that simple. 

P.S: Pulley number 3 is fixed, therefore not considered as a tensioner pulley.

Thank you very much! 

Picture 1.jpg

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If a idler pulley is necessary, there are rules as to the diameter that should be used so as not the "break the back" of the belt, I assume you are talking v-belts. Then when tensioning the drive belts your need to apply about a 1% stretch to the cords in the belt, assumption is std belts with polyester cords. If you are thinking to firstly correctly tension the belts, then apply an idler, the whole drive could be over tensioned and damage the shaft and bearings.

You have to tension the drive the same as you would with the idler in the system, Both Carlisle Belts and Gates have very good drive design programs for designing and provide tensioning information. This is not a simple procedure and the larger the drive the bigger the loads, also life and efficiency are very important.

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