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Unbalanced electrical motors: Preventing machine failure

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Electrical motors are widely used in manufacturing plants. Motors are the main source of motion and are key in every plant, despite this, the majority of these work in critical conditions. It is preferable to keep motors working in their optimal condition.

Unbalance is one of the main reasons why an electrical motor fails. Performing a dynamical balancing analysis is one the best way to prevent this.

Unbalance as source of failure

Unbalanced rotating shafts produces vibration that affects other mechanical components. Cracks, porosity, grease, eccentricity, strain by relaxation, all of these causes unbalancing in a rotating body.
Not doing an armature balancing after a motor rewinding is another common source of unbalance. Imagine that you discover the shaft is unbalanced after assembling the whole motor because of uneven winding. The motor will, consequently, vibrate.

A dynamical balancing machine can perform an armature balancing. With the use of easy-to-install sensors, these machine rotate the armature to do a proper balancing analysis. The balancing machines from Erbessd Instruments® integrate a soft bearing suspension to offer great versatility when analyzing shafts from different diameters and length. In addition, a complete software solution is offered with the DigivibeMX, which is shipped with the product.

Maintenance is evolving

Maintenance methodologies are constantly evolving because of the demand in products. More flexible and smart maintenance plans are being develop to satisfy the demand.
It is important to update the data acquisition equipment used in this type of activities. Remote monitoring, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, all of these activities employ technologic devices to help them improve machine health.

Wireless technology is an ongoing development subject in current data acquisition devices. The ability to acquire data wirelessly is a new trend that is revolutionizing the industrial maintenance sector.
The EI-WISER from Erbessd Instruments® is a triaxial wireless accelerometer with its own built-in data acquisition system. This accelerometer connects to any device via Wi-Fi connection, such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. As simple as that!


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