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Machine forces - simple design

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15 July 2019

Please can someone furnish me with a simple formula for working out the forces generated by the simple machine sketch attached.  Some time back DrD  referred me to page 382 of your book “Mechanics of Machines”.  It is all Greek to me I am afraid.

I want to keep it simple.  If, say, a very simple machine with two rollers, a metre long each with a diameter of 6 inches (about 152 millimetres) with a drive pulley on one side and a spur gear on the bottom roller and only one spur gear on the other top roller meshing with the gear at the bottom roller.  The simple machine is driven by a 3kW electric motor which runs at 3 000 to 10 000 revs per hour which is 50 revs/min to 150 revs/min.  The two rollers are roughly 15 kilograms each.  The top roller is spring loaded running on self-aligning bearings with take-up housings.   The bottom roller is also running on self-aligning pillow block bearings.  This simple machine is used to wring water from clothes.

The rollers are made from mild steel, spurs gears are from steel as well.  There is a double V-pulley.  Drive and driven pulley are 1:3 respectively.   The simple machine has no cams or levers.  How much force does this machine generate at 50 revs/min and at 150 revs/min?  I will develop the machine later.  What formula do you use here?  Sketch of simple machine is attached.
Thank you in advance

Simple Machine.pdf

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I think it was Einstein who said, "Everything should be explained as simply as possible, but no more so."


PS: I'm sorry it is all Greek to you. Perhaps you should not call yourself a mechanical engineer?

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