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Biogas systems turn the cost of waste management into a revenue opportunity for  farms, dairies, and industries. Converting waste into electricity, heat, or vehicle fuel provides a renewable source of energy that can reduce dependence on foreign oil imports, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve environmental quality, and increase local jobs. Biogas systems also provide an opportunity to recycle nutrients in the food supply, reducing the need for both petrochemical and mined fertilizers.

The present paper gives a complete idea on the prospective technology for the production of clean energy in the form of biogas. Biogas is green and a sustainable energy consisting of methane to a great extent along with other gases. Global warming and greenhouse effect are caused due to the harmful gases which are released into the atmosphere. Emission from automobiles and industries are one of the causes of global warming. Along with global warming the excessive use of fossil fuels shifts the balance of supply of fuels. So in order to save fossil fuels for our future generations alternative fuels play an important role in replacing the fossil fuels. The present paper gives an idea of the history of biogas and their advantages and disadvantages.


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