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Steve Beck

Role of IT in changing the future of academic libraries and research resources


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I have written 30 books that sell all over the world. These sell about 70:1 electronic over paper. Nielsen (the T-Rex of ratings) never heard of me and I couldn't care less. Physical books are collecting dust on the shelves at libraries that are never visited. Students today probably don't even know where the library on campus is located, let alone have ever been inside. The future waits for no man. I can appreciate libraries. I spent 12+ hours a day month-after-month sitting on the floor between the stacks, reading journal articles, and feeding nickles into a copy machine that predated Xerox and powdered "toner". Those who would cling to the past should read the poem Ozymandias by Percy Shelley. I have always taken a different approach to teaching. Some were inspiring, but many of the professors I had seemed more concerned with impressing students with their vast knowledge, building little kingdoms, and erecting statues to themselves like the one described in this epic poem.

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