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linear speed problems

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Want to achieve very slow speed of 0.5mm/sec  for linear motion ,this is required for special abrasion  purpose , is there any way to realise this mechanism because using the regular gear ratio technique i.e Rack and pinion , pinion( dia being 75mm minimum is the design restriction due to torque transmission 115 Nm) Gear ratio is required very high ,

is there any other way we can realise?? 

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Linear actuators using small electric variable motors can get very very low speeds with high speeds.  But your issues is beyond speed if you are doing abrasion, then loading is critical so how you are applying the load is as critical as the speed component.  Very high loads at very load speeds create issue with variable friction etc.  

The design layout / structure is as critical as speed.  So what is the power component   Torque/force is as critical as speed (n).  

But if you want to achieve very low speeds then review linear bearing assemblies or linear actuators.  Thomsen linear actuators is a excellent source for solutions for all environments.

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