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I want to shear 3mm diameter mild steel bar using a motor that converts rotational motion to linear motion. The motor is fitted with a triangular positive action cam with minimum dia 36mm and maximum dia 90mm. According to my calculations force required to shear 3mm bar = 3.14x1.5mmx1.5mmx 300mpa

= 2119.5 N.

Motor torque is 112.5Nm at the required rpm. The cam travels upto 33mm (radius)for the required stroke. Hence, t= f x r

Therefore, f= t/r

F= 112.5/0.033 = 3409N

However, in practical application, the wire is not getting cut. Is there something wrong with my calculations?

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The simple answer is "yes, there is evidently something wrong with your calculations." Now you will probably ask what is wrong. That is harder.

Where did you get the data for your  calculations? What do you think you are calculating? To just through out a bunch of numbers with no statement of your approach to the problem is pretty meaningless.


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