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Someone please help me! Stiffness of materials

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I would appreciate it someone could help me as my mind is completely gone on this and I am struggling to get the correct answer.

I am trying to use this formula to fill in the rest of the table and I expect to get an answer between 0-5  x10-11. However i am getting nowhere near this however many times i attempt.

Load (m) (g) Load (W) (N) Deflection (mm) Deflection (δ) (m) 48δI/L³   = (in x10^-11)
0 0 0 0 0
100 0.981 5 0.005  
200 1.962 10 0.01  
300 2.943 15 0.015  
400 3.924 20 0.02  
500 4.905 25 0.025  
Material: Aluminium L^3 =0.36^3 = 0.046656  
Beam Size: 9.5mm x 3mm      
b = 9.25mm         
d = 3mm   I = bd^3/12    

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It looks like you are working out E...although this is not clear...am I correct...?

If so, all answers should be roughly the same (albeit within a noticeable margin).

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