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Please help!!!! Automatic pipework cleaning robot

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as Offtake stations are located on ground level that number of pipes exposure in open area is huge. Dirty dust and moss always stick on pipe surface which may damage pipe surface coating and obstruct inspection process during maintenance. The removal of stains requires huge amount of human resources and time, which is time-consuming and cost-wasting.
The diameter of pipe varies around 450-600mm and there are obstacle along the pipe likes flange or support base. The orientation of pipe is restricted by API 5L specification of pipe. The surface of pipe is covered by a specific paint coating and then a layer of stains. Main goals of the device are to clean stain along a pipe (both vertical and horizontal), which contains 3 special features-a curved length, a flange and a supporting base.
upload_2020-3-26_10-29-16.png upload_2020-3-26_10-29-19.png

How can I design a robot to clean this huge pipe?? It is a big challenge.

There are two main area to be focused.

1. How to adhere the robot to the pipe
2. How to clean the stains effectively
Of course, building an robot adhering to the pipe is not a only way. We may build a robot car jetting pressurized water for cleaning or build a frameworks-and-slider system around pipe to avoid obstacle while cleaning.

Focus on adhesive method, there are few restrictions.

1. Magnetic cannot be applied as the magnetization may affect function of electronic components near the pipe.
2. Vacuum may not be applied since the curved area of pipe. Also, the removal of stains requiring either brushing it with huge force or washing it by pressurized water. If water is involved, vacuum may not work properly.

There are also restrictions in this project.

1. Robot should be ease to install/handle (light weight and easy operation)
2. Budget < USD1250

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