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Binomial and Taylor expansion of differential Equations

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Okay....this is a bit of a role reversal....I'm far more used to offering guidance and answers than asking the questions, but here it goes....

Can anyone give a reference to a good, easy-to-follow(!), text of Taylor and Binomial expansion of Differential equations?  Specifically that used in "Variational Calculus".

This is something I have covered in the dim and distant past...and as the saying goes..."it's not what you know, its what you think you know and don't realise you have forgotten!"...alas, it appears I have forgotten!  I have some texts on the subject, but alas insufficient to clear my mental block!

Many thanks to all!


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I'm pretty familiar with variational methods, but I'm not quite clear about what you want. Can you cast your question in the context of a specific problem, perhaps?

If not, shoot me a PM and we'll talk.


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Hi DrD

Thank you for offering to assist!

I was undertaking a personal development course, and had not been supplied the "bridging material" that was essential for understanding.  This lack of bridging manifested as difficulty in Taylor and Binomial expansions...but it turned out to be a lack of fundamental understanding of the subject which was addressed when the bridging materials were eventually supplied (six months after the start of the course!)

I got a very good pass, but not the grade I would have got had I been supplied the full content in good time!

C'est la vie!

Thank you again




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