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How can I model a fluid inside an enclosure?



I have and horizontal enclosure and it's correlation, however I would like to know the variation of temperature of the fluid between the upper and lower wall. How can I make a heat balance for the fluid?

I think I cannot assume something like the following


Correlation being for example : h_c=0.069RaL**1/3 Pr0.074 * k/L

Bottom surface convection: Q_c=-A*h_c*(T_bottom - T_fluid)

Upper surface convection:Q_c=-A*h_c*(T_fluid - T_upper)

Being therefore the heat balance something like: m_fluid*cp*(dT/dt)=Q_c_bottom-Q_c_upper

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you, for your help and time

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You will find many projects on ResearchGate where graduate students are investigating heat transfer within enclosures with a variety of conditions and fluids. You should be able to find something informative to your particular problem there. The complexity of the solutions varies considerably, so look for something on the level you're interested in pursuing.

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