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Torque calculations for moving a object about a point



I need to work out the torque required for a motor to move a block around a point. The point has been labelled in the diagram. The points of friction will be two deep grove ball bearing, which hold the rod which support the block above. 

The block's mass is: 4.514kg 

Dimensions of the block are: 0.3 (W) x 0.3 (D) x 0.25 (H)

The final velocity of the block when moving is: 0.01375 m/s

It's average acceleration is: 0.00172 m/s2

The co-efficient of friction of the bearing is 0.0015

The distance the block will move is 0.11m 

Ive tried various torque calculation but they don't seem to apply perfectly to this system, Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




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Hello Tristan,

Here are the calculations I did for this problem based on the info you provided, I hope you can read my hand writing. The average torque will be .00246 Nm. I wouldn't put any weight on this if I were you. This doesn't include the affects of gravity which will over power everything else in this equation. I would have put it but there was no information, so I assumed it wasn't applicable. If I'm wrong, I suggest you recalculate it. There are also other things, I put in the paper so please read through it.

Lastly, this was a weird thing to calculate because you put a lot of linear measurements into an angular force: Torque. I think that's were you had trouble. 

Hope it helps,





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