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Sa JorEz

Just a bit of help for a new mechanical engineer graduate


Cheers everyone, Im a freshly graduated student from Spain. First of all I would like to apologize for the mistakes that I may be making when writing this post.

As you might expect, this is not the  best country to work as an engineer (and if you didn't know yet, now you do), and it's even worse in a medium city which i live (Vigo-300k population). Here in Vigo there are many automobile industries such as a PSA plant and some small-medium size industries that produce supplies/components mostly for that PSA plant. I focused my starting career in CAD CAM design (using CATIA, SolidWorks) and I can more or less call myself an "expert" in that matter, due to the fact I made some "courses?", like sheetmetal design, surface design, also simulation (Delmia) etc. 

OK, sounds fine, but there is not that much of a job here. I mean, even if I reach the most expert level possible in that field, the possibilites of achieving a good job position or a regular/well paid job are near 0. And as far as I am concerned, this happens mostly anywhere in Spain. Im eager to start improving my professional career but there are 2 questions that come to my mind.

1)Would it be possible to have a good job focusing my career on 2D-3D design, using the softwares (or another similar ones)? Is it a bad idea just in Spain or around the world aswell?

2)What about changing my mind a little bit and starting focusing on Big Data/Business Analytics/Data Scientist? Do you think that would help improving my current situation and job in the long term?

3)What about 3D printing and additive manufacturing?

I also want to make sure that I'm not afraid of working abroad, my dream is to work in the USA, but I honestly think that's almost an unreachable objective for me. I gotta say too that my english is not as bad as it may look in this post, I'm used to speak and I can have a fluent conversation. Maybe I just need to practice a little more in the English speaking country itself. 

I have experience in the automotive field, working 1 year for a plastic injection and assembly company in the technical department (methods engineer and also some CAD).

If you have any other idea that could help me improve my career as mechanical engineer i would be so glad to read it!!

Thank you

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