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API 5L PSL2 : Issue on Yield to Tensile Ratio

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I understand that there is a requirement from the API 5L PSL2 regarding the yield to tensile ratio which I believe is to safeguard the material from failure happens all in a sudden without any warning signal from deformation due to yield. 

The typical required max yield to tensile ratio is 0.93 which means that the tensile strength is at least 7% higher than the yield strength.  The max ratio of high grade material in API 5L PSL2 is getting even higher which seems to be even more risky in terms of sudden tensile failure.

According to the British Gas specifications back in 80s, they required an additional requirement on pipe ordering using API 5L specification with a more stringent requirement of max yield to tensile ratio at 85%

 I would appreciate it if any friends in this forum can enlighten me the rationale of such figure of 0.93.

Thank you very much.

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