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What is the difference between a strainer and a filter?


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Though both words are frequently interchanged,  strictly speaking,  a strainer(also called sieve) physically screens  finer particles from more coarse ones by  size-screenibg   solid particles from fluid(gas or liquid)  while a filter physically or chemically  separates a desired substance from its mixture irrespective of their phases by means of membranes and absorbents

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As Christian says above, strainers and filters are basically the same thing.  Simply stated, a strainer is also a filter; however, it uses a perforated plate or screen mesh to remove larger particles from a process stream.

The major advantage of a Strainer is that it is reusable. There are many different types of strainers, including Y-strainers, basket strainers and duplex strainers.

You can find strainers in almost every industry: chemical, food, water, petroleum etc

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