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About Us
Mechanical Base is a very extensive website that includes very useful contents and services about mechanical and materials engineering disciplines. We intended to build this website upon these principles. All the contents and services is provided by us, according to our abilities in various kinds of engineering topics. We have a goal to make Mechanical Base the biggest assistant of mechanical and materials engineers, actually not only engineers, all the people that interested in these areas. So we working and ‘producing’ in this goal.


Mechanical Base
So we are very interested in our visitor. If you are visiting the Mechanical Base, we are keenly expecting your interaction with us. Because the topics of Mechanical Base needs profession. So meeting or interacting with people that has this profession from all over the world, excites us!

Mail us, call us, comment us… Whatever you want!

Who Are We?
Actually we are not a very big team. We are only a two of engineer friends based in Turkey. As you understand from the system that we built, we are very keen on these engineering topics. As we stated above, our biggest motivation is the interacting with other people from the whole world in this topic!

We have lots of projects to do in Mechanical Base. Every passing day, we produce a lots of ideas to apply in Mechanical Base in the future. This means that the Mechanical Base will be the biggest in its area.

Maybe you have an other idea to apply with us… Meybe you can be the part of the our Mechanical Base team… Maybe you can ‘produce’ with us in Mechanical Base…

As we said above,

Mail us, call us, comment us… Whatever you want!

Greetings from Turkey, we love our visitors!

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Site : mechanicalbase.com

Useful Links About Various CAD, CAM, CAE Softwares From MechanicalBase

These links are very useful links to download and install various versions of Autocad, ANSYS, Solidworks, Siemens NX and Matlab. You can find information about how to download and install them to your computer. Also there are very useful informations about their system requirements.

The given links below are very useful links that you can learn and apply how to download and install these producs. We wanted to share them with you;

AutoCAD 2017; https://mechanicalbase.com/how-to-download-autocad-2017-illustrated-explanation/

AutoCAD 2018; https://mechanicalbase.com/how-to-download-autocad-2018/

AutoCAD 2019; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-autocad-2019/

AutoCAD 2020; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-autocad-2020/

AutoCAD 2021; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-autocad-2021/

ANSYS R16; https://mechanicalbase.com/ansys-r16-download-and-install/

ANSYS R17; https://mechanicalbase.com/ansys-r17-download-and-install-illustrated/

ANSYS R18; https://mechanicalbase.com/ansys-r18-download-and-install/

ANSYS R19; https://mechanicalbase.com/ansys-r19-download-and-install-illustrated/

ANSYS R20; https://mechanicalbase.com/ansys-r20-download-and-install/

Solidworks 2017; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-solidworks-2017/

Solidworks 2018; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-solidworks-2018/

Solidworks 2019; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-solidworks-2019/

Solidworks 2020; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-solidworks-2020/

Solidworks 2021; https://mechanicalbase.com/download-and-install-solidworks-2021/

MatLab R2017; https://mechanicalbase.com/matlab-2017-download-and-installation/

MatLab R2018; https://mechanicalbase.com/matlab-2018-download-and-installation/

MatLab R2019; https://mechanicalbase.com/matlab-2019-download-and-install/

MatLab R2020; https://mechanicalbase.com/matlab-2020-download-and-install/

Siemens NX 8; https://mechanicalbase.com/siemens-nx-8-download-and-installation/

Siemens NX 9; https://mechanicalbase.com/siemens-nx-9-download-and-install/

Siemens NX 10; https://mechanicalbase.com/siemens-nx-10-download-and-install/

Siemens NX 11; https://mechanicalbase.com/siemens-nx-11-download-and-installation/

Siemens NX 12; https://mechanicalbase.com/siemens-nx-12-download-and-install/

You can select the version according yo your computational system or according to your goal to use the related version of related product.

Also you can learn how to use these engineering sofwares from lots of Mechanical Base articles. Visit the main page and click on what you want to learn on mechanicalbase.com!

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Why do you push Matlab, but fail to mention Octave, Scilab, etc., the free Matlab clones?


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