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I think NO.. And Yes... No if you're thinking about it as a fuel source, because its molecule is too stable already to easily find a pathway to a more stable combination.

Yes if you think about it as a battery which contains hydrogen... If you were to fill a tank with water and KNO3 as an electrolyte (not sodium chloride because there is a risk of creating deadly chlorine gas) and apply electricity to perform electrolysis on the water. You are storing power from the electricity in the hydrogen. Thus you're using water and hydrogen as a battery. There is a net loss, so you will not get as much power out as you put in; therefore, it's best to be sure that the electricity you are using is coming from a renewable source (I'm big on self sustainability =P).

Now lets say you have this setup in a car equipped with hydrogen fuel cells... You can add water, KNO3 and plug the car into a wall outlet to refill your hydrogen tank. Then the hydrogen fuel cells can do the rest, maybe charging a few deepcycle batteries and a large capacitor while powering the vehicle.

I'm not saying this design will totally take off and radically improve car design. It is a good idea, but hydrogen fuel cells contain a lot of platinum which makes them very expensive and uneconomical to produce. I'm just saying it is possible to use water.

However, there is a way for hydrogen (from water) to aid in combustion in a regular ICE... If you charge a deepcycle battery with a solar panel, and put it in your car to have it perform electrolysis on water (with KNO3 again) then feed the gas (oxygen and hydrogen) into the intake. The energy you're burning originally came from the sun (dont fall for the bs systems that tell you to hook a system like this up to your car charging system)... I would expect a net gain of 5 to 10 mpg depending on the vehicle and how well the system is set up.

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