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Mechanical Engineering
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Roles and responsibilities of community members

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Roles and responsibilities of community members


Members interact with each other sharing information, insights & experiences, participating in discussions and raising issues and concern regarding common needs and requirement. Their primary role is to participate actively, to learn and share their learnings.


The facilitator is responsible for clarifying communications, drawing out the reticent, ensuring that dissenting point of view are heard and understood, posing questions to further discussion and keeping discussion on topic- all subjects to the will of the group

Practice Leaders

The Practice leader is acknowledge leader of the community. His or her role is based on competence not rank or position. Leadership in community can be shift as the issues and concern of the Community shifts. Practice leaders always emerge.

Lets contribute and grow as Self organized community

All your suggestions will be highly appreciated

From all of us at


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Rules for mechanical engineering forum

This forum is created for exchange of ideas. It is not for mindless babble of nonsense. Nor for clashes of personalities. We are not interested to dig more ditches but to build more bridges.

1. Do not insult other members. Not in any way. Not even subtle sarcasms.

2. No spamming, flaming, and puns

3. Think before writing. Quality matters more than quantity.

4. You’ll be reproached by other members if you behave un - scholarly. You do not have to be a scholar to participate in this forum. But always do substantial research before forming opinions and posting them.

5. It is not a club to kill time. Quantity of members does not matter. Their adherence to factual accuracy and intellectual honesty does.

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