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Information About the Various Fields in Mechanical Branch

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Hi! Members,

I am Rohan, and I am Mechanical Engineering graduate (B.E.MECH) and am currently jobsearching. I am

keenly interested in almost all of the subsectors that are dealt with in our basic course. As our branch is so VAST and eachof the subject that we studied can be an independent field of its own, its really too very tempting to finalise ONE field to make a choice, since as an inquisitive and knowledge seeking person I find every sector equally challenging. But I know that this approach wont much work and one particular choice has to be made.

Hence I request all you members already having industrial exposure or any sort of knowledge about the New Sustainable fields emerging in our branch to please guide me through this topic. I want to know about the different fields available in the Mechanical Industry as of today ie in what all sectors is our branch opening or divided into where one can put his knowledge and talent to test and which can also be in demand for the years to come.

So kindly furnish any information about all the sectors in our branch, and any other source( print, internet sites,etc) which can be helpful to seek guidance from, so that making up a choice can have thee right reasearch behind it

and a better choice can be made to suit my interests the best. So I request you to please take some time to reply. Any help is highly appreciated. Looking forward for your guidance.

Thanks and Regards


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hi rohan....

i'm sanjeev and i'm in the third year of mechanical engineering...i'm myself very confused in what to do after completing the course i'm in no mindset to study further...let's come to the point according to me search for a decent job where you can get a good exposure even the salary is low n try to update yourself with the emerging trends...design and thermal are the fields to watch.especially thermal when you look at the energy sector.

so,that's what my poinion is..good luck!!!

cheers!!! :rolleyes:

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There are many different fields in mechanical engineering.

1.Aerospace Engineering

2.Manufacturing Engineering

3.Thermal Engineering

4.Production Engineering

5.Vehicle Engineering

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There are various fields you can go into either manufacturing, or aerospace/automobile,or marine engineering.

For manufacturing engineering, a masters/doctorate is preferred. If you've got a bachelors, you can still apply. I suppose a good internship in some manufacturing field would do you some good.
For aerospace, although a degree in aerospace is preferred,a degree in mechanical will do fine. This field is quite lucrative since most jobs are government jobs. Some fields are: weapon design,avionics,ballistics,aeromodelling,etc.
Automobile engineering is an open field,although with little scope in india. I do not think any specific skills are required. There are always openings in volvo,larsen and tourbo,etc. to consider.
Marine engineering will provide you with good paying jobs just to sacrifice 6 months of your life each year. No specific skills but maybe there are physical tests to check if you can handle the physical work. Most of the work involves maintenance of motors, engines, generators or other 'above deck' tasks related to navigation,etc.

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Types of Mechanical Engineering Degrees

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering which deals with the designing and construction of aircraft. It is an exciting profession as it is focused on the development and use of various technologies relevant to a rapidly changing, high-tech industry. When compared to other fields of mechanical engineering aerospace engineering is complex and highly demanding.

Acoustical Engineering

This is rather an excellent degree to choose for those who want wider prospects for scientific and engineering career options. It is a branch of engineering that basically deals with the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration. Acoustical engineers apply the science of sound and vibration to real world technologies.

Manufacturing Engineering

It is a discipline of engineering that involves the designing, analyzing and applying of manufacturing techniques and methods for the production of quality products at cost-effective prices. In short it encompasses all aspects of manufacturing a product. It is an interface between the design and the actual product. Manufacturing engineers design the product and decide how to build the product after designing.

Thermal Engineering

This is related to the study of systems that transfer heat between two medians and the conversion of heat into other useful forms of energy. It is one of the most lucrative fields as thermal engineering is important to design any machine. Thermal engineers focus on thermodynamics, design of heating and cooling equipment and power management.

Production Engineering

This is a unique branch of engineering which deals with techniques and tools used in manufacturing industries. In short it is a combination of manufacturing technology with management science. It is also a fast growing engineering stream.

Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle engineering comprises of automobile engineering, marine engineering and the aeronautical engineering. It deals with the study related to the design, manufacture and operation of systems that drives and controls vehicles.


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Dear Rohan,

For this first you should find your area of interest from the subjects you studied yet. As you said that you are knowledge seeking person numbers of subjects in which you are interested are more although there's some subjects in which you feels more easiness than others. So find those subjects first and then do some work on it to be more sure about your selection of subjects. 

Second thing for suggestions regarding an emerging field in ME. All branches of ME are equally good in this case quantity of students in particular branch matters.  For e.g.  if 70% students are interested in Production then Designing is more good for you to find a job & for a good future also...

Third thing regarding to give some information & documents related to different fields I think you should do Googling for this. Because whatever materials you receive from anyone is only that thing which is best as per their knowledge I appreciate their efforts for this but apart from that many things are there in any field so I suggest you to do Googling specifically in those subjects which you already filtered as your area of interest.  


I also seen that you had posted this in March 2009 so I think now you are settled in any one field. 

I posting this for those who are still not settled...





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My favorite thing about mechanical engineering is how broad it is.  I know people who work on very hands-on, applied areas such as working as an engineer for a racing pit crew.  Others of us work on highly theoretical topics in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, energy, and nanotechnology
1)  Solid mechanics
2)  Mechanics of materials
3)  Fluid mechanics
4)  Dynamics & controls
5)  Heat transfer
6)  Thermodynamics & energy
7)  Bio-mechanics
8)  Product design

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