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Testing Activity point System

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Based on your activity points are given in Activity point system


Points are given

1 When you start a new topic

2 When you reply to topic

3 When other member reply to your topic

4 When you give +ve -ve reputation

5 When you add comments on profile of others..

6 When other member join the board based on our referral link

Based on the points we would like to give rewards exposure to industrial visits, passes for workshops and seminars

We are in testing phase and these are just thoughts

We welcome your suggestions.... for example what should be the unit of points? (Dimensional unit)

what should eb the name of the system?

what rewards should be given...

What should be the mechanism...

Lets start with testing .....

remarks : If you post just for increasing your points : you might get -ve reputation which might even reduce your points and even we can

Objective of entire Activity point system is to make members more active on the board.... which can lead to knowledge community for mechanical engineers.

With best wishes


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