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see u cn go for any alternate fuels ok .. see even electric or hybrid cars are also being introduced..

if u need more on this topic there is one book called alternate fuels by. Dr. S.S.Thipse. k and google some topics oh hybrid vehicle it will be benificial.. 2 u dear.

thanks................ SAURAV>.

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"Please what can be used as an alternative fuel for Newly technologies cars."

It appears to be taken that the question is for car engines currently on the open market'

Piston engines are modified steam engines with the same high inefficiency.

Turbine based combustion have three time greater efficiency, and so the fuel calorie needs are far less.

Example the combustion turbine works like a diesel in that air are fuel are compressed till they explode.

The heat energy of this provides force, it also gives heat to the water surrounding the turbine, so flash steam is created.

This results in the power becoming Defence Classified if a fossil fuel is used.

A low calorie fuel like Ethanol is required.

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Do you remember the motor that used the water as combustible instead of gasoline?, or in the USA they say gas, This was made by one American Engineer Steve Mayer, this could change the world of the internal combustion motors, so, in Mexico some companies are selling some kits named Hydrogen generators, but I hope that they are not giving all the secret, because you have to use the gasoline and the hydrogen mixed, you save only from 10 to 50% of gas, but not all, In this year will be sent to the market the Tesla car, and It has an electrical motor, this coul be the change, it is shown in youtube, if the Oilers give them the chance of course, bye.

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