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Vibration Sieve Machine for masterbatches

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Murat Gulcag

We woud like to give you detailed information about the machine, as you have requested. The vibrating sieve machine has two sieves, one on the top and one underneath. The sieves are easy to assemble or to dismount to the main body.  The sieves can be produced in various diameters. Two vibration engines of 0.37 kw are mounted to the main body seated on the wire springs. The vibration is possible by means of these two engines. The products can be sieved in 3 different sizes and received from the 3 exits of the machine. The mechanism works with a low noise.

Explanation :

 The products with different diameters can be sieved with suitable sized sieves as per their diameters. The required product will be received from the exit in the middle. The rest will be discharged from the upper and lower part. It is also possible to make assortment with two or three different sizes. 

Technical Qualifications: 

  1. The machine is produced AISI 304 in stainless steel.
  2. The machine can be run with 380 V, 50 Hz d-phase electiricity in single speed (Model: Murat IV)
  3. The machine can be run with 220 V, 50 Hz monophase, the speed to be controlled (Model:Mattit)
  4. As per request the electrical part can also be arranged for 60 Hz
  5. The machine has 2 sieves and 3 exits.
  6. The machine has two standard sieves, one on the top with 4.00 mm diameter and on the lower part with 2.00 mm diameter. As per the request the machine can be produced with sieves with various diameters.The sieves can be changed for sieving different products.
  7. The machine noise is in low decibel as per the standards.
  8. Consumes low energy.
  9. Can be washed, ist rustproof
  10. There is a switch mechanism to prevent the break down of the electrical parts
  11. The sieving area: 500 X 1000 mm, the outer simensions of the machine max. 1450X 940  X 860 mm
  12. The sieving capacity 1100 – 1350 kg/h with granules of 4-5 mm diameter
  13. Suitable for granules of yarn and fiber. We can deliver to you the right sieves if you inform us the diameters of the products you will sieve.
  14. Monospeed, 0.75 KW, 380 V, d-phase, button for start/stop, termic protection, frequency 50 Hz.
  15. Double speed 0.75 Kw, 220 V, monophase, button for start/stop, speed control mechanism, termic protection, frequency 50 hz.
  16. The electrical system can be prepared as per the buyer country’s requirements, if you inform in details.

Company : Matmetal Makina Inşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Sti. TURKEY-Izmir http://www.matmetal.com 


Sieves 012.mpg


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